Services Overview

Virus Removal

First we'll check if it can boot (start) up properly. Next we'll do a virus check and removal if necessary. Other tests may be performed to determine speed and make sure everything is stable.

Computer Repair

If tests determine that a component is bad, we will do a repair - including replacement of hard drive, screen, keyboard, etc., as needed. We'll do a backup and restore, if required.

Personal or Group Tutoring

Need some help understanding Windows 8 or 10? How about a refresher on computer basics? We'll do personal tutoring for you in your home or office. We can provide a group presentation for any organization you belong to.

Some Detailed Services


New ones appear every day! If you don't have an anti- virus tool, we'll install one for you. If you have viruses, we'll remove them. Most important, we'll teach you how to avoid viruses in the future.

Need some Tutoring help?

We can offer personal help in understanding any version of Windows, Mac or Android for your phone. Many people have issues, especially with Windows 8 or 10. We provide tutoring on the basics of how a computer works, what you can do to check your PC yourself and clear some troubles. Plus, we offer help in understanding how to use the great resources of Google, YouTube and Wikipedia to learn just about anything.

PC just isn’t working?

We start testing with basics of startup, virus checks, and then other diagnostics to determine the cause of failure and recommend a course of action based on whether the hard drive or another component may have failed. We'll review our findings with you before replacing any components.

Your place or ours?

For convenience, we usually come to your place. Just call me, Stacy, at (561) 267-5508, describe your problem and needs and we'll work it out. And keep in mind that we are glad to give group tutoring presentations for clubs or organizations.

Call Stacy now at (561) 267-5508