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Awesome Repair/Tutoring Services

We offer a wide variety of computer repair, laptop repair & tutoring services

Located in Lake Worth

      Serving all Palm Beach County!!

Lake Worth Computers serves clients at their home or office. We offer on-site and in-store repairs in Lake Worth FL and surrounding areas. Free estimates are just a call away.

Some say I'm a female computer Geek! Actually it's because I love doing all computer repairs, laptop repairs and helping customers learn more about how to use their computers. I'll examine your computer for viruses, check its speed and overall performance and replace components if needed. I'll also update software or help you with learning Windows or Mac. Maybe just hold your hand and give encouragement to help you over any computer hiccups that you may be having. We also give personal computer tutoring lessons in your home or office. Group sessions for any organization are also available.


AND we're willing to come to your home or office unless you prefer to come to our location in Lake Worth.

Stacy - call me now at (561) 267-5508.

Why we can help with repair and tutoring...

Because we really do care about helping you understand your computer and what it can do for you. Remember - It is a tool to help you solve problems - questions you want Google to answer, finding stock quotes or just finding a recipe. And if you're having trouble doing these things - we're here to help fix that. Just call!

Saves you repair Money

We're very reasonable, plus we give a discount to all "experienced" people (seniors)!

We target Groups, too

Could people in your club use a refresher on Windows or basic computer skills? How to use the Internet? Find out what Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are all about? We can help!

Let Us Help You

We focus on service - let your problem become our problem and we'll do everything we can to simply take care of it! Try us on for size! And don't forget - seniors get a discount!

Call (561) 267-5508

How Computer Repair Service Works

Order repair

In Step 01, you call us and describe what you would like us to do. We'll suggest a course of action, provide a rough estimate of cost and we're ready to get started right away!

Repair computer

In Step 02, we come to your home and analyze your computer, determine the best way to resolve any problems and then get it working. We also offer all kinds of computer tutoring in your home or office.

Repair Check

Problem Solved!           In Step 03, we do a final once-over to insure your PC or other device is ready for you to pick up or we can deliver if necessary. We make sure you understand what happened and offer free technical phone support afterwards over the phone once you are a customer.

Call Stacy now at (561) 267-5508